Thursday, November 22, 2018

Argentina with classmates

NEW YORK (AP) The Latest on the victims of the deadly New York City bicycle path attack (all times local):About 200 people have gathered for a candlelight vigil outside a school in Argentina to remember five classmates who were killed in the New York City bike path attack.Relatives and classmates of the victims as well as other graduates of the Polytechnic School of Rosario consoled one another and shared stories.Cesar Lagostino came to honor his friend, Hernan Diego Mendoza, who was one of those killed on Tuesday near the World Trade Center. Lagostino said he remembered Mendoza as an honest and generous person, "among those who deserve to stay in this world."The five who were killed had traveled from Argentina with classmates to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their high school graduation.A university says the death of one of its students in a truck attack on a bicycle path near the World Trade Center is "heartbreaking."Darren Drake was a project manager for Moody Investors Service and was a master degree student in the information systems program at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken (HOH New Jersey. He had recently lost more than 90 pounds and was out for a bike ride between meetings on Tuesday when the truck hit him.Stevens president Nariman Farvardin sent a message about Drake to the university community on Wednesday. wholesale jerseys from china Many say the Internet is the most important advance . 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